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A disclaimer applies to all claims we make on the website. Understand that: You are responsible for how you use and apply our advice – and the results with it.
Your situation is unique. We give the advice to solve problems and prevent what generally works best. Your specific situation may differ little, perhaps very much. Keep this in mind if you follow our advice.
The results you see on this website are the experiences from real customers who have purchased and successfully applied our products. Your results may deviate from this, both negatively and positively.
Advice on this website is never a substitute for medical advice (when it concerns a medical subject such as depression).
Our advice is purely about how to become more attractive, understand your partner better and have a happy relationship. If there is an overlap with medical advice, we recommend that you see a doctor first.
Mentioned results and claims may (of course) deviate. In any case, we do our best to help you apply the techniques correctly and get just as good results as described.

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